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"You encourage me to be the best me that there is for me right now, and for the future me."
~Francesca, 16

You feel like you’re losing your connection with your daughter.

She wants room to grow and express herself.

How do you meet in the middle?

You’re a mom who would do anything for her daughter. When she was little, you were so close. You had dreams about how your relationship would evolve over the years. You knew what you wanted to do differently from the way you were raised.


Then, the teenage years crept up. Maybe they came roaring in like a lion. Either way, it feels like you don’t know how to reach her sometimes. 


You want her to be confident and be who she is. Growing up, you may not have had permission to express yourself, and you intended to parent differently from the way you were raised.


And yet…. 


You wish you could just get some cooperation at home. Despite your best intentions, you go from zero to emotional so fast. You can’t understand why your child’s grades are slipping, or maybe she’s making bad social decisions. 


You just want your kid back.


I can assure you - your kid wants you back, too.

But her needs have changed, and now she’s feeling like you’re overprotective and suffocating her.

She's totally unique and wants to be valued for who she is (don't we all?)

That's where I come in.

"I was surprised at how comfortable and safe I felt sharing details of my personal journey."
~Sarah, Teen Girl Mom


You've done everything you can possibly do... I'm here to help!

These teens were suffering, and it was breaking my heart. 

 I wanted to do something. 

So I became a coach.

I'm Justyna, and you and I are about to become a parenting team.

The truth is, raising confident daughters isn’t easy in this day and age. With the influences of social media, video games, increasing expectations in school, and our uncertain world, raising a teenage girl is downright scary.


I’m here to tell you, it is completely possible to enjoy these teenage years while supporting your daughter in becoming the best version of herself. I know, because as a High School Teacher, Certified Teen Coach, and as a mama myself… I’ve seen it happen again and again. 


The thing is, it’s going to take work on both sides. Including yours, mama. Here’s the truth: Everything that was dysfunctional about how you grew up is now rearing its ugly head. 


That’s why I offer coaching for mothers and daughters. Coaching gives your daughter a safe environment to discover who she truly is… and gives you the tools and expertise you need to support her in her journey.


_MG_4583 (1).jpg

How Does It Work?

I offer coaching packages for Mother + Daughter... or just for your daughter.

Here's what they look like!

Justyna Bronski Grid.png

What happens when you click the button? Don’t worry - this is all about creating trust, so let me walk you through it.


  • When you click the button, you’ll be taken to a scheduling page. It looks just like this:

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 10.17.00 PM.png

  • You’ll choose the date and time that work best for you, so we can talk freely about your concerns, hopes, and goals for coaching.


  • If we decide you’re a fit for coaching, we can discuss the most comfortable way to remit payment. I only use secure payment processors!


All coaching sessions are completely confidential - even our complimentary exploration call.


You know  we parents always say, “Why isn’t there a handbook for this?!”

Well, you’ve found one. Welcome to Teen, 101!

If you need a safe place and a trusted source of wisdom, you’re in the right place.

I’ve been teaching and coaching teenagers (and their families) for over a decade. I have degrees in education, specialized coaching certificates in coaching for teens, and I love this developmental stage.


It’s a time when your daughter is taking risks, putting herself out there, learning about herself in new ways, and trying on all different “costumes” to discover who she truly is. 


 I love tailoring coaching exercises and tools to support the uniqueness of each teen! When a teenage girl is supported through her journey of self-expression, she will grow into a confident woman. 


But, when we bring our own unexamined childhood patterns, beliefs, and unconscious fears into the parenting relationship, we diminish her light. It’s understandable - it’s a scary world we live in. But our job is to do our own work so that we can help her shine.

Enter your info here to hop on my “Teen 101” Newsletter - from my coach’s heart to yours.

"You will always be that one teacher I think back on who has made me exceed in life."
~Anna, 15

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