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Hi, I’m Justyna

and I Coach Teen Girls (And Their Moms) to Build Confidence, Connection, and Communication.

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"I was surprised by how quickly I saw positive changes in my child."
~Lisa, Teen Girl Mom


You’re fearful of what could happen in the future if things don’t change right now.

It can be heartbreaking to feel like you’re losing your connection with your daughter.


  • You’re scared that your teen is lost in a world of electronics and social media, but it feels far too late to fix it.

  • You don’t want to be a yeller, but it feels like there’s no other way to be heard.

  • You’re concerned about academics and want more cooperation, but even your most supportive efforts turn emotional in no time.

  • You try to get close and have conversations, but it’s always the wrong time.

  • You know your daughter is probably suffocating under the weight of expectations, and you just don’t know how to reach her.

Ever wish you had an impartial parent to just step in and help you through these tough teen years?

"It is really nice to have another adult in their lives whom they can trust and talk to about their problems. Justyna is always so positive and caring. It is obvious that she is passionate … helping them be their best version of themselves. I am extremely thankful that Justyna came into our lives."
~Gloria, Teen Girl Mom


Hi, I’m Justyna,

High School Teacher Turned Teen Coach -  and I’ve Seen Just About Everything, So Let’s Talk.

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Your daughter wants to be independent, express herself, spend more time with her friends, and be given the freedom to figure herself out.  She thinks you’re overprotective and that you don’t understand her.


You just want her to be safe, confident, and more than anything - you don’t want to lose her.


Trust me, you’re not alone. As a High School Teacher with over 11 years of experience, and as Certified Professional Teen Coach, I can tell you that the growing pains in your relationship with your daughter are normal.  


But it can understandably be so hard to manage your emotions around your teen . . . and that’s where I come in.

The truth of your teen is she wants the stability of Mom, even while she's pushing you away.

She wants to express herself totally, but is still so unsure with her life and identity. She wants to know if she falls down, you’ll be there for her.


You, and your daughter, need trust and safety more than anything else on earth. That’s the foundation for being able to navigate through the challenges of peer pressure, grades, future planning, social life, dating . . . oh my!

Everyone - Including You, Mom! - Needs Room to Grow So You Can Have A Strong, Healthy Relationship.


You Can Be the One Who Helps Your Daughter Through The Turbulent Teen Years with Courage, Drive, and Confidence.

Here’s what I’ve seen over and over again in my work as a teacher and a coach:


Raising teens is the perfect opportunity to break generational family patterns. In fact, it’s the only way to have a truly healthy, strong relationship with your daughter. As moms, we must be willing to deeply examine the ways that we’ve carried our own childhoods into our parenting.


When we do the work alongside our daughters, we become the safe harbor, confidante, and guide that our daughters need.


“Ms. Bronski, words can’t explain how much you’ve helped me, not just in math but overall. I aspire to be like you.”
~Brianna, Age 15

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